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C A L L   T O L L   F R E E

  • Being able to recognize one’s basic self-worth

  • Understanding one’s sexual identity as the way we move out in love and service to others

  • Acknowledging and managing one’s weaknesses and limitations responsibly

  • Naming one’s gifts and using them in service to the community

  • Valuing intimacy and knowing how to relate honestly and compassionately with others

  • Taking responsibility for one’s life and being able to discern, choose and recommit to one’s vocation

This type of lifestyle involves:

At Shalom Center we see “wellness” as a person’s ability to experience God’s love through one’s own ability to love oneself and to give love to others in friendship, community and service. This goes beyond an understanding of living only for our own peace, or that of a few others, or the measured living of one who is afraid. It is being rooted in the abundance of God’s love and being able to respond to the many invitations and challenges of adult Christian living that create wholeness in our lives.