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C A L L   T O L L   F R E E

Your stay will allow you to experience self, God and others in a faith community setting. You will awaken each morning to celebrate the Eucharist and will end each day sharing in evening praise. You will be encouraged to engage in spiritual direction, individual counseling, personal reflection and group process according to your individual preferences.


To further assist you, there are programs in expressive arts, various psycho-educational seminars, skills building workshops and massage therapy. Participation in a 12-step group can be made available upon request. Each program is easily adjusted and developed to allow you the time and space to reclaim your spiritual focus for future ministry and direction. If you desire an assessment, Shalom Center offers you a comprehensive evaluation program which will assist you in your self-discovery, as it identifies issues that may present a challenge to you in your ministry or personal life.

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The Sabbatical Program is a personal growth program tailored to your needs, in a warm and caring environment. This program offers you an individualized approach with focus on the spiritual, psychological, relational, ministerial and physical dimensions of your life.


Enter into the secluded grounds of Shalom Center where you can interweave all the dimensions of your personhood and then move forward on your life’s human and spiritual journey. The natural beauty of Shalom Center’s grounds calls you to walk, meditate and pray. Our friendly and welcoming staff will make you feel at home with their smiles, kindness and willingness to serve. Our cuisine will provide you with a delicious variety of balanced meals and desserts everyday. Our exercise room, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, along with Tai-Chi sessions, are effective means to restore your energy and revitalize your body.


While you relax, reflect and rejuvenate, our program will allow you to process your life experiences and focus on future goals and decisions. The Sabbatical Program provides you with the opportunity to decrease the pressures of stress and address personal issues in a safe and peaceful environment. Shalom Center offers you the comfort of home without any of the daily interruptions and intrusions.